Here there.

Ed Aten here, former Founder and CEO of here. Thanks for stopping by and checking out what used to be one of the most engaging and exciting music spaces on the social web. For those not in the know, was a lot like what Soundcloud is today - you'd follow your favorite artists and when they'd post tracks they would automatically show up in your feed. We had a great time working with people like Questlove, Heavy D, the guys from A Tribe Called Quest and a bunch of others.

In the end, was rolled up into another streaming effort that like a real G, moved in silence like Lasagna. Unfortunately that project was wrapped before ever seeing the light of day and now this page is all that remains of a whole lot of fun we had.

The good news is a few of us from the original team are still hacking away in the music tech world building the internet's preeminent music merch store: Merchbar. We've got 100% official, authentic merchandise from over 10,000 of the world's top artists, from old standbys to new favorites. Here's a bit of what you can find:

Justin Bieber MerchTupac ShirtsDrake MerchBob Marley ShirtsLed Zeppelin T ShirtsFall Out Boy MerchandiseNirvana Tees5 Seconds Of Summer MerchPink Floyd Shirts and Miley Cyrus Merchandise.

Thanks for checking up on us!

Ed @Aten